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Empowering people to heal themselves...


& spirit


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Meet Sally

Self-mastery and self-improvement

Sally is a Wellness Consultant, Spiritual Teacher & Healer based in Poole, Dorset, England. She is passionate about helping people to recognise that the body, mind and soul, resides within each of us. It just needs awakening or enhancing what is already known, to help you find and bring to more balance and harmony to the power within. Sally's focus for you is to inspire you to start or build upon your life long journey of self-mastery and self-improvement.

What Sally does

Transforming your awareness

Sally runs courses that can help you in the discovery of your body’s ability to start it’s healing process. From learning Reiki or Munay Ki Rites to learning more about the wisdom of your body and how to listen to this wisdom. They may help you become more self aware and start on your inner healing journey, or help you along the path that you are already walking. All that Sally teaches is what she has learnt and discovered what has helped her along the journey of life. She hopes that you will join her and discover the inner delights that await you.

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A natural method of healing using universal life-force for self, other, animals, plants, and any living thing. A simple yet powerful way to bring physical, mental and emotional balance, releasing energy blocks and suppressed feelings.


Bring the ancient rites of wisdom and power to create the world we
wish to see. As we expand our awareness, we remember our part in this great transformational time on Earth. Are you ready to bring the light back to Earth? And help the Light stay grounded here?

Image by Jr Korpa


A range of courses created to empower you on your spiritual journey. Transforming your awareness and helping you to reach your potential, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.



Whether you are in the next room or thousands of miles away, Remote Healing is not bound by distance. Sessions can be received via video call or simply while resting at home in a comfortable place.

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A combination of exceptional protocols from both East and West, combined in a soft tissue, pain reduction treatment, using muscle testing, soft tissue release, sound healing and energy medicine techniques.


Shirley Salnikov

I thoroughly enjoyed my 1-2-1 with Sally.  The information imparted was thorough, clear, easy to follow and understand, with plenty of time to stop and ask questions.  There was a lot of attention paid to practice and technique; all backed up with some of the most comprehensive notes and information sheets I have ever received.  I learned an array of amazing and valuable skills and feel extremely luck to have crossed Sally’s path and had the benefit of her knowledge, experience and expertise.  On top of that she is a wonderful warm, thoughtful, professional and fun person.  You will not be disappointed attending any of Sally’s courses.

Steve Wentworth

Sally has an incredible energy. She helped my two dogs, Archie and Ellie, through kennel cough. After only two distant healing sessions, both of them recovered within a couple of days. Thank you Sally!

Cathy Freeman

Just had to tell you about this fabulous therapist who treated me at first face to face and then because of Covid she treated me over the phone. The first thing she did was improve my posture.  I now can stand straight and have no pain in my lower back or hips. I had a breast reduction a couple of years ago which left me with scar tissue.  Sally removed this while talking to me on the phone.  Ladies if you had surgery because of breast cancer and find you are sore or unhappy with the shape, Sally can help.

I had keyhole surgery on my knee which has been swollen since then.  Sally took that scar tissue away and the swelling went down and I can bend it properly. Sally is a very warm, friendly and knowledgeable therapist and will always listen to your concerns and soon sort them out.

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