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Ki Body Wisdom

Connecting you with your body's natural wisdom

Sally uses a variety of advanced techniques to help you find the root cause of various health issues. Quite often it is not enough to treat just symptoms and more investigation is needed to find the underlying cause. This unique system assesses the body holistically to find structural, organ, nutritional, emotional and energy imbalances. By deeply relaxing the body, coming out of ‘stress’ mode, the brain is triggered to release natural painkillers, and helps speed the flow of oxytocin. This is a hormone that relaxes muscles as well as promoting a feeling of calm and contentment. It is often experienced by pregnant ladies during labour!

Ki Body Wisdom is a combination of exceptional protocols from both East and West, combined in a soft tissue, pain reduction treatment, using muscle testing, soft tissue release, sound healing and energy medicine techniques.

Over the many years that Sally has been qualified as a hands-on practitioner, she has come to respect and work with the deep inner wisdom of the body.

Sally offers hands-on body balance and deep relaxation sessions using Ki Body Wisdom, a combination of exceptional protocols using muscle testing, sound healing, colour, crystals and energy medicine techniques. She is also sharing her skills through a series of workshops either in person or over Zoom. Check out Sally's calendar and sign up for her newsletter to get updates and information on these courses.

What I do
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Getting to know your body using Ki Body Wisdom Techniques

A fun, interactive and lively workshop, run either one to one or small groups, taking you through the basics of what happens in your body, what is the subtle body and using essential oils and affirmations, how your whole health is influenced by how your mental and emotional health affects the physical and Soul level health. Sessions are run either online via zoom or in person as a group learning experience, they can be for an hour or two, or even a day.

Online meditation class

A great way to connect to the inner and outer YOU. Each month we will work on a theme, introducing you to chakras, meridians and self massage techniques, that will help you relax and de-stress.  The class is at 2:30pm one Wednesday a month, it will be recorded, so if you cannot make it, you can enjoy the experience at a later date. This is run on a donation basis minimum of £5.00 per month.

Classes are on the 3rd Wednesday of every month.


Why learn with Sally?

Sally is a qualified Complementary Therapist, running a well established full time hands on business in Poole. Her background is 18 years as a Qualified Nurse, completing those years as a Staff Nurse. During the last few years, she started a research project in complementary therapies and that fired her interest to delve further into this huge subject. She learnt clinical massage, Bowen, Healing, KORE Therapy, which uses muscle testing to find the root cause of physical issues held within the body; She has learnt from Donna Eden. She then taught ITEC courses for Dorset Adult Education and she is a qualified Adult Education Teacher. Sally is also a full Reiki Master Teacher in traditional Reiki and Holy Fire Reiki. 

Therefore learning with Sally would give you the background of your physical body but also introducing you to the subtle art of the energetic body that we all have.  If you are already conversed in Chakras and meridians then she can enhance your learning there also.

Sally's core value of her teaching is “sharing my knowledge whilst having fun”.

What will I learn?

Sally is running small classes, sometimes taster sessions to introduce you to healing, platonic solids and how they help the body, chakras and how to keep them balanced and work in harmony with nature, aromatherapy and the benefits of affirmations.

How will I feel afterwards?

By giving yourself 'me-time' for at least 2 hours, will enable you to feel deeply relaxed, reducing stress; reducing aches and pain, easing muscle tension; bringing peace of mind and body, energising and balancing your body and strengthening the immune system.

Where are classes held?

Sally runs courses from Broadstone in Dorset.

She also runs them on zoom so you don’t have to leave home.  Invite a few friends to join in too.

If there are more than 4 people Sally can come and teach within your home (covid restrictions permitting) with added cost of petrol etc.

How it helps
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How much?

The packages below are for hands-on sessions. For workshops and qualification courses, prices start at £60.


Gold package – 2 hours

Learn the secrets of your body, using muscle testing to reveal where your body feels out of balance, followed by therapeutic aromatherapy, reiki and meditation session, to deepen your own body’s healing capacity.

£120 per person

Silver package – 90minutes

Learn the secrets of your body using muscle testing followed by an aromatherapy healing meditation.


Bronze package – 1 hour

Learn the secrets of your body followed by a Reiki session.


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A warm, safe & friendly environment

Monday's clinic is held from 10:30 until 16:00.

Broadstone Business Centre, 19b Moor Road, Broadstone, Dorset, BH18 8AZ

(Entrance is down the side road next to Tiien Thai Restaurant. Street parking only.)

Tuesday's and Thursday's clinics are held from 10:00 until 18:00

23c Church Road, Lower Parkstone, Poole, Dorset, BH14 8UF.

Classes may also run on select Saturdays and Sundays. Contact Sally for more details.

How to book

Your journey of self-discovery starts here.

To book, and to ask any questions, use the contact form by clicking HERE, or call the office on 07882 679022 or email Booking instructions will be provided. Courses are held either in Poole, Dorset or one to one via Zoom.

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