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Almonds help us eat fewer calories

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

A new study published in the European Journal of Nutrition found that a mid-morning snack of almonds helped control appetite and resulted in reduced calorie intake by the participants during the rest of the day. The study suggests that almonds may be an optimal snack by generating satiety (inhibition of hunger). The researchers investigated the effects of two different portion sizes of almonds as a mid-morning snack on satiety and energy intake, in comparison to having no snack.

“We expected whole almonds to be a food that provides satiety because they are a natural source of protein and are high in fibre,” commented Sarah Hull, MSc, lead researcher of the study, which was conducted by Leatherhead Food Research. “However, it was interesting to see the snack provided a long lasting effect on appetite at dinner-time consumption, not only at lunchtime.”

The Study suggests that snacking on almonds can be a weight-wise strategy, and may provide day-long benefits when consumed as a mid-morning snack.

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This article is from your healthy living magazine, January 2015.

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