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About Sally Tyler

Empowering people to heal themselves...    Mind, body & spirit.

Sally runs a successful therapy business in the Poole area. She uses her working knowledge to ensure her clients and students leave her sessions inspired and ready to put what they have learnt immediately into practice.


Sally has taught and practiced internationally as well as throughout England. As well as offering distance / remote healing with great effect.

Sally is passionate about helping people to recognise that the body, mind and soul, resides within each of us. It just needs awakening or enhancing what is already known, to help you find and bring to more balance and harmony the power within.

Her focus for you is to inspire you to start or build upon your life long journey of self-mastery and self-improvement.

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Image by Guillaume Galtier

What I do

Sally is committed to supporting you throughout your training with her. She has a wide range of teaching skills to help you achieve your goals. Classes are deliberately small in number; this ensures that you are not lost within the class room and have the time to ask questions to ensure you fully understand what you are learning.

Sally runs courses that may help you in the discovery of your body’s ability to start it’s healing process. From learning Reiki or Munay Ki Rites to learning more about the wisdom of your body and how to listen to this wisdom.  They may help you become more self aware and start on your inner healing journey, or help you along the path that you are already walking.  


All that Sally teaches is what she has learnt and discovered what has helped her along the journey of life.

What I do
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