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Becoming an Earth Keeper

I first became interested in healing and connecting to Mother Earth, when during my first 6 months of training to be a qualified nurse, my Mum became seriously ill with Meningitis.

After coming through the worst of this dis-ease, Mum was left with quite a few side effects and she started on her journey to find natural ways to heal herself.

At first I was quite sceptical and watched from a far, ready to dive in if it all became a “cult” – well after a few months I noticed a change and became intrigued.

So intrigued that I stepped into the world of healing. I was told I was a natural healer and had spirit guides all around me.

So far this has led me on a 20 year journey of self-discovery. I’ve dabbled in shamanism, became a master practitioner in body therapy and finally become a Reiki Master Teacher.

At each turn I have noticed a deep inner contentment grow. But I have always felt as though, I was missing something.

During the time of self isolation, I started doing more meditations and coming to terms that I was here to participate in the next evolution of Earth and Human kind, BUT how?

I’ve know about Willow for years, but have never investigated her teachings. The inner calling was getting louder. So I did a search on the internet and found that another dear friend Hilary teaches the Munay-Ki Rites. During this time she was not well and referred me to Willow.

The description just took my breath away and I booked all 3 sessions straight away.

During each transmission of the rites, I cried, as it felt like returning home. Not only to myself, but also returning to the comic consciousness. Yes, I’ve worked with guides, angels and helpers, but I have never felt the fullness of their love and comfort. I can still feel this support as I continue on my journey of awakening into who I truly am.

I have delved more deeply into grounding my self here on Gaia. Assisting her on her journey of cleansing and clearing, She knows what she needs more than we humans can ever know.

I’ve been to Stonehenge, laying down in the centre of the rings and given a guided meditation by Rob Linden, I had an amazing experience. I’ve connected more to the land and sometimes can feel the communication from the trees, feeling the connection to all life on and within Mother Earth.

I now fully believe that we are all One, connecting and sensing each other and how this happens unconsciously, with this time in our journey, its time to awake and feel this delightful connection, helping and healing each other and fully listening to what we each have to say.

Time is now moving so fast and remembering’s are happening more and more to individuals. Some are just starting on this journey and others are looking for more connection.

I have continued to germinate the potential that the rites have given me, to the point that now is the time for me to pass them on to others. So that you can experience the wonderment of remembering who you truly are, come home to yourself.

Help our children’s children, connect to the universe(s) and be embraced by our cosmic family as well as becoming an Earth Keeper.

One to One’s or group Munay-Ki Rites are offered when you are ready. In person or over Zoom just contact me –

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